OldCoder Dansu

I saw something about another gargon instance, people don't seem to like it. Nor this instance.

I'm thinking I'd relocate if these aren't good. Anyone know of a good instance for a retro/weird tech enjoyer / tech cynic?

@faehnrich might chat with @ajroach42 about that instance

@djsundog @faehnrich Can confirm.

@ajroach42 @djsundog hmm yes, yes indeed

What's a tech cynic? Retro / weird tech enjoyer is pretty clear, though. Feel free to use https://dansu.org/ as a base of operations. There is no local discussion but retro / weird tech enjoyer is our middle name.

@oldcoder tech cynic is basically me complaining about the current state of the tech world.

Good to hear you get what I mean by retro/weird tech enjoyer! I wasn't sure that was clear but was the best discription I could think of.