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Professional developer since 1978. Lived quietly until 2012. Noisy and obstreperous now.

I've been working on my own Linux distro for 25 years. Have started books on a few subjects. I hope to discuss some of the threads with people of different types.

I ran a Mastodon node from 2019 to 2021. Switched to Pleroma in 2021 and was happy with it. Presently, I'm testing Soapbox-BE as a replacement for Pleroma. The front end is Soapbox-FE regardless.

I have 44 years experience in dozens of software languages and problem solutions. Kindly direct me to the money. Resume on request.

Note: No snarky tone is intended. I've been away for a few months but am pleased to see that you've continued to experiment with this medium.

We don't need to replace Twitter to contribute more to society than Twitter does.

I assume that you mean the original, initially black and white, daily TV series. There was a short-lived remake in 1991 and a follow-up series is presently inactive but under consideration.

I was more S.F. but Dark Shadows was certainly more interesting than the soap operas that had fewer vampires, werewolves, parallel universes, etc. Barnabas Collins made the show, of course.
Photograph of the cast of a 1960s TV show named "Dark Shadows"

If you're going to do this, may I suggest that a pre-Rust Classic Firefox codebase that supports XUL be considered? My feeling is, if it isn't XUL Firefox, what's the advantage over Chrome?


1) "Drowsy" (1917). Optimistic early novel about a mutant.

2) "Gladiator" (1930). Much darker take on same theme. Inspiration for "Superman".

3) "Time Stream" (1931). Psychedelic post-Victorian. I like the scene set in the far far future of 2020.

4) "Miss Minerva and William Green Hill" (1909). Humor. Warning: Racist. Author died but the book had 11 [!] ghost-written sequels.

5) "Skylark Duquesne" (1965). Late and more mature entry in that series.

6) ERB's Barsoom novels.
Fan illustration of an ERB Barsoom scene. John Carter and Dejah Thoris look up at the moons of their respective worlds, Earth and Mars.

post generated by markov chain, may be weird
It's acceptable as a prospective language. The ISO standard may bring in complexities. Additionally, I'm about ease of use and productivity. But I, for one, am willing to say, give optimized vector operations in catgirls a whirls.
sensitive media
Illustration of a catgirl at a computer

Diet is important but exercise trumps all. Now, if I could internalize that myself and exercise 2 hours a day, I'd be set.

Different levels of scratching similar itches, perhaps.
Illustration that depicts an airship.

You must have known that developers would think in terms of curl -u -H --data $URL first :P My initial reaction was, where would the multi-player part go?
A logo for the network utility program "curl"


Editors are more objective or that is part of the picture. Objective is able to see that which is needed.


How are creative and curmudgeon incompatible?


The video API seems to operate at a higher level. I don't see parameters related to this issue. I see the ffmpeg code but can't tell easily if a means to suppress transcoding exists.

This seems like a key feature that should be suggested to the core devs.


This happened to me 25 to 30 years ago. The reason was that I owned the type of car that would usually belong to a poor person. It also happens [for men] due to long hair or a Black or Hispanic appearance. If 2 or all 3 factors are combined, especially the poor-person part, it's not uncommon.

The idea is to see if you'll become nervous when followed and do something that will permit the follower to stop you. The advice is to remain relaxed and focus on driving.
Image that presents the words "it is what it is"

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1) Depending on the hardware, a Pi is able to run Debian. So all of FOSS is available.

2) One approach to getting started is to set up a game server -- probably just for in-house use -- and to create mods.

Instant results are motivating. People of all ages are pleased to be able to write a few lines of code and see their IRL dog, for example, appear. Add the "bark!" after that, then behavior, and then, what do you know, you're a Coder.
Screenshot of a cube that displays a photo of a dog


Yes, because if it's your server, you're able to control what happens there up to a point. There will be more work and negative incidents but you'll find the balance that feels worthwhile to you.

If you do bring more people in, remember to back-up the world more often. If you're not the hardware host, ask for an offline copy. If the host isn't comfortable with that, move to a different host.


The search keyword to use is "voxel". The video linked below may be of interest. Note: I don't do Steam but I do work on a voxel game myself.



You know that the question as worded is similar to "What's the best food?" It's not just too general; it's too general to parse.

If it's expanded to, what are the best games of different types, it's a great subject.

FOSS for Linux PCs: Nethack, Rocks'n'Diamonds, Chromium BSU, DOOM and Wolfenstein, my own Minetest, Monsterz, Frozen Bubble, SuperTux, PowerManga, Secret Maryo, Simutrans, EBoard Chess, FlightGear, dozens of others.
Screenshot of a Linux FOSS arcade game named "Monsterz"


The "Great Brain" series was based on the author's real-life family and town at the end of the 1800s though the setting in the books was fictional.

There was an earlier book, intended for adults as well as children, titled "Papa Married a Mormon". It was based loosely on the lives of the author's parents. The "Great Brain" series was a follow-up to that book and its sequel.

I found the "Mormon" book perhaps 45 years ago at a library book sale or similar venue. I always thought that the dust-jacket cover of that edition, displayed below, was amusing.
Dust-jacket cover of the novel "Papa Married a Mormon"

It's probably legal in the same way that I used to save my allowance and buy books in the classroom from Scholastic Book Service. However, it couldn't hurt to confirm that public funds aren't being misused.


(1) Survival used to depend on the ability to pack on the pounds. This is the "thrifty gene" hypothesis.

(2) Plump women used to have more children and so their genes became common.

(3) Nothing these days is strongly selecting against fat-promoting genes before the age of reproduction. So, some people get fat because evolution doesn't care one way or the other. This is the "drifty gene" hypothesis or Just Because.

There are other factors but these 3 are often cited.
Illustration of a prehistoric man with limited food standing next to a modern man with too much food