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1. Find People.

To get a feeling for the Fediverse or to find people to follow, try these links:



2. What is this site?

OldCoder Dansu is a Pleroma server. This means that it's similar to Twitter but it talks to the Fediverse instead.

The Fediverse includes about 2,000,000 people in Mastodon servers, 75,000 people in Pleroma servers, and about 500,000 people in other types of servers.

Members of this server can exchange posts with other members locally and with people located on other servers.

3. Notices and rules.

For contact information, site rules, privacy policy, etc., use the grey buttons near the top of this page.

Developers: If you'd like the source code for the server part of this website, that's provided by one of the buttons or you can click here.

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