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1. Site Notices Introduction.

This document is a top-level Site Notices page that links to website topics such as Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and discusses a few such topics directly.

In this document, “the Website” refers to the website that you (“User”) are visiting.

2. Privacy Policy.

The Website's Privacy Policy is presented on a separate page. To read the Privacy Policy, click here.

3. Terms of Use.

The Website's Terms of Use and/or Site Rules are listed on a separate page. To read those sections, click here.

4. COPPA Notice.

To the best of our knowledge, COPPA, a law which limits the use of children's information in commercial or similar contexts, doesn't apply to the Website.

This said, the Website isn't intended to support registration of children under 13 years of age unless such registration is made with the knowledge and assistance of parents and/or guardians who take full responsibility in this context.

5. Contact information.

To contact the primary site admin aka “OldCoder”, try the email address listed below:

me at boldcoder.com

OldCoder's LinkedIn is:

You can talk to OldCoder directly in IRC. The IRC network is:


You may need to enable invalid SSL certificates. If you're able to connect to the IRC network, try this IRC command:

/query OldCoder

OldCoder has an IRC bouncer. However, if he isn't present, don't assume that queries will be received.

6. Source Code.

For developers: To read about and/or obtain the server source code used by the Website, click here.

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